Florida Man March 14 – Choose Your Weapon Wisely

Florida Man March 14

March 14 was a pretty violent day for even Florida Man. Below are a few stories that prove that he is willing to attack people with just about whatever he can get his hands on. If March 14 is your birthday make sure to check out what shenanigans he was up to on your birthday.


Florida Man March 14, 2019 – Hit his Pregnant Girlfriend’s Face with a Bag of Chips

A Florida Man was arrested March 14, 2019. The man reportedly slapped his 4-month pregnant girlfriend with a bag of tortilla chips. The altercation began when she told him that the unborn child may not be his.

30-year-old Rusty Beatty was arrested by Santa Rosa County Sheriff. It was indicated in the report that Beatty could also be charged for allegedly pushing and punching his girlfriend’s daughter.

The couple is residing in Pinto Avenue with the girlfriend’s daughter. It was around 2 AM when neighbors reported arguing and other loud noises that sounded like physical violence. A sheriff’s deputy was dispatched to respond.

Beatty’s defense was that he was also attacked during the argument and got hit by a box fan on his face. When checked, there were minor scratches on his face but no indication of his statement.

According to the arrest report, Beatty was on probation for possession of drugs. He was already facing charges of misdemeanor battery, felony counts of aggravated battery of a pregnant victim, and a probation violation. Now is he is in custody in Santa Rosa County Jail with no bond.

Florida Man March 14, 2019 – Attack of the Septuagenarian

PUNTA GORDA, Fla.: A 78-year-old Charlotte County man was under arrest for attacking a woman’s home and trying to kill her.

John Frederick Vozar came to the house of an unidentified elderly woman and broke in. 

Deputies came after receiving a frantic call from the victim while Vozar was breaking into her house.

The victim hid in her bathroom when Vozar got into her house. However, he made a hole in the bathroom door using the hammer he held.

 She made the 911 call from the bathroom where she was hiding, but the Florida man soon grabbed her hair through the hole in the door. 

The woman then dropped her phone, and Vozar smashed it with a hammer. 

 But when Vozar got inside, he dropped the knife he was holding and preceded to ack the woman with the hammer.

When the Deputies arrived, the door was still wide open. The deputies then demanded that anyone inside come out and surrender. 

Vozar shoved the woman out of the door and slammed it. He was asked again to come out of the house, but he yelled back, “The door is open. You can come in!”

There were no signs of threats or weapons, so the deputies entered the house and arrested Vozar.

He stated while in custody that he had the knife because he was planning to kill her with it.

The woman suffered multiple injuries from the incident. Still, Vozar will be charged with attempted homicide amongst a plethora of other charges.

Final Thoughts

Florida man March 13 is a pretty intense read, even for avid Florida man readers. If you enjoyed this post and want to check out more, make sure to read some of my other Florida man stories.

By John Toroff

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