Florida Man March 16 – Hold The Pickles, Please

Florida man March 16

Florida Man makes the news every day of the year, and March 16 is no exception. Is March 16 your birthday? If so, you will definitely not want to miss the stories below.


Florida Man March 16, 2021 – Fake Wu-Tang Rapper Ends Up in Jail

Wu-Tang clan is legendary when it comes to hip hop music, and to meet any member of the group would be an absolute dream come true.

This is why Florida Man, 29-year-old Aaron Barnes-Burpo of Crestview, came up with the bright idea to impersonate one of the members to gain some of the privileges of the famous group.

He was believed to be working on this scheme with Walker Washington, 52, from Augusta, Georgia.

 Apart from claiming that they are part of the Wu-Tang clan, they also claimed to be affiliated with the production company called Roc Nation. Washington ended up even pleading guilty to this.

Barnes-Burpo came up with the scam of defrauding businesses. They used their phony connections to swindle services of limousines, fancy hotels, and 19 other companies.

“For several weeks, these men defrauded multiple businesses by posing as famous musical artists and their retinue,” statement of the then Acting US Attorney, David H. Estes of Southern District of Georgia. 

The duo was caught, thanks to a hotel clerk at Fairfield Inn and Suites. The clerk knew how to spell Cappadonna without looking it up.  

They must have been a fan of the Wu-Tang clan.

Barnes-Burpo has been sentenced to serve seven years in federal prison.

Florida Man March 16, 2021 – Pickle on the Left, Pecker on the Right

OLDSMAR Fla.  Police got an interesting call about a sicko in town who appeared to be doing some lewd and obscene acts in public.

According to an officer, 47-year-old Eric Detiege was caught crouching in front of a residential with his pants down. He seemed to be masturbating.

After a closer look, he was confirmed to be holding his pecker in one hand and a giant pickle in the other. The officers believed he was using the pickle to put in his rectum for extra stimulation while masturbating.

Oddly enough, the officers noted a tattoo on his arm saying, “only God can judge me.” We will see about that!

We are unsure if the pickle is being held as evidence. However, Detiege is being held in Pinellas County Jail on bond.

Florida Man March 16, 2019 – Flips Off the Security Camera While 

On March 16, an unidentified Florida man was caught on camera stealing from a cellphone store. He was seen taking the cash box and flipping off the camera while breaking in.

The Florida Man was wearing a black tank top, blue jeans, and red underwear, stated by the deputies.

The video shows that the man came from his white truck parked in front of the store. After exiting the vehicle, he broke the door and gave the security camera his middle finger. 

He then went straight to the cash register and took the whole box with him.

Polk County Sheriff posted on social media, “we only know that last part because he’s about as skilled at securing his pants as he is at being a decent person.”

Final Thoughts

After these Florida man stories, I may not be eating any pickles for a while. If you enjoyed these strange tales from Florida, make sure to look at some of my other posts on Florida man. Also if you would like to make any requests for dates, feel free to do so in the comments below.

By John Toroff

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