Florida Man April 17 – Gator Wrestling Gone Bad

Florida man april 17

These Florida man April 17 stories will make you glad that you have not chosen to live in Florida. These stories can’t be explained with words, and all you can do is scratch your head and ask why. 


Florida Man April 17, 2019 – Shot A Woman With a Water Gun Filled with Urine

Gulfport, Florida: Florida man allegedly used a spray gun but didn’t fill it with water. Instead, he put some pee in it and fired at a woman that was just passing by, the report says.

71-year-old Joel William Benjamin was arrested by Gulfport police on Sunday.  

Police were notified by an unidentified woman who was just walking with her dog on April 17. 

That’s when she was attacked with the urine-filled squirt gun.

It is still unclear what was the reason behind the Florida man’s act.

Reports have been very vague as to why he did it. But in the statement, Benjamin told the officers that he would do it again.

No lawyer is listed in Benjamin’s name. Still, he was charged with misdemeanor battery and was released eventually on bond amounting to $500.

Gulfport is on Florida’s Gulf Coast, near St. Petersburg

Florida Man April 17, 2019 – Wrestled with An Alligator Display in A Mall

Miami-Dade, Florida: A teenage Florida man was arrested after wrestling and damaging a fake alligator in a shopping mall intended for display.

It wasn’t hard for the police to find Gianny Sosa-Hernandez, 18 years old, because he posted a video of himself on Instagram in Miami’s The Falls shopping center.

The police, later on, posted the video of Sosa-Hernandez wrestling the “gator.” 

First, he took his shirt off. Next, he jumped over the fence into the small pond and gripped the fake alligator.

The damages of the display animal that was destroyed were $3,690. That is an expensive wrestling match.

The teenage boy from Cutler Bay was charged with criminal mischief. When he went to court, he apologized for the behavior. 

Sosa-Hernandez was already arrested days before the incident when he tried to wrestle with his school principal.

 So he was advised by Miami-Dade County judge Renata Francis to find something better to do.

Florida Man April 17, 2017 – Forced Entry to a House, Ask a Teenager to Give Him Money

Gainsville, Florida. – On the night of April 17, a Florida man went knocking on random house doors to ask strangers for some money.

Daniel McGrath Deperte, 41, of Gainsville, came to an apartment illegally. 

He then convinced a 17-year-old to open the door for him and give him some money.

According to Gainsville Sun, Deperte was aggressive trying to get in the house and specifically asked the teenager to give him $45.

The teenager was able to give him $44, so Deperte would leave.

Police reported that Deperte has done this at least four times already since March 28, and complaints were already filed against him.

The 17-year-old victim identified him in a police lineup. Now he is charged with fraud and burglary.

Final Thoughts

April 17 was another whacky day for Florida man. I wonder how he gets the energy to stay so active in the news.

If you like staying up to date on the weirdness that is Florida man, make sure to check out my other posts on the sunshine state.

By John Toroff
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