Florida Man June 1: It Doesn’t Get Any Weirder than This.

Florida man June 1 does not disappoint.

Florida man June 1 does not disappoint. Whether it is in Florida or elsewhere in the world, this mysterious trend of Florida men and women doing the darndest things has become quite popular. Today we are going to look at some interesting stories from June 1st.


Florida Man June 1, 2019 : The Fatal Foreplay

This is a title that you might not have thought you were going to see, ever. On June 1, 2019, a Florida man was charged with manslaughter after his partner was killed during foreplay. Florida man was using his handgun as a sex toy. Unfortunately, the woman died at the hospital after the weapon discharged through her upper body.

Florida Man faced a $50,000 bail and involuntary manslaughter charges.

June 1 Florida Man : Weaponized Infant

Police were left a bit baffled after a long chase through a local community in Gifford. They attempted to pull the man over for swerving and he decided it was a good idea to run. The man had an infant in the car.

At one point during the chase, Florida Man decided it would be a great idea to hit a detective’s vehicle. Stop sticks didn’t even disable the vehicle though.

When Florida Man decided to get out he was carrying an infant. As officers tried to arrest the man and instead of giving up, he decided to throw the infant at him. A lucky officer managed to catch the 2-month-old and get the child away without injury.

Florida Man was arrested and is facing numerous charges.

Florida Man June 1 : Arrested for Stealing His Own Car

Now, this one is a little different for Florida Man but it is still a bit odd. On June 1st a man’s Jeep was stolen in Buena Vista. When the police arrived to take a report of the crime though, they ended up arresting the man. 

The police arrived and thought the reporting individual was actually the man who committed the crime. Who knows why. He was charged with multiple crimes.

Those crimes were eventually dropped but the man is now suing the city for 500 thousand in damages. In this case, we guess the police were the Florida Men, as the description didn’t even match the reporting individual.

Cannibal Shot By Police

Florida Man in this case was a bit more than a man, he was a zombie. Police responded to a man who was on a busy highway terrorizing another homeless person. In this case, by terrorizing, we mean he was eating the other man’s face in broad daylight.

Police tried to stop the man but they were not able to without using lethal force. Officers fired four bullets and were able to stop Florida-Zombie Man.

Before police were able to stop the zombie, he was able to gnaw the vast majority of the homeless man’s face. It turns out the zombie was on a synthetic drug known as flakka or bath salts.


Florida Man really got up to some interesting things on June 1st. These were some quite unique incidents. Take a look at our other articles to see what else Florida Man has been up to.

If you would like to know what Florida man was up to on your birthday just leave the date in the comment section below.

By John Toroff
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