Florida Man May 4 – Duster Can and a Frying Pan

Florida Man May 4

Florida man May 4 brings us two stories involving two strange things that you can’t imagine in a criminal charge. But for Florida man, Nothing is impossible. 

Check out how Florida man turned ordinary everyday objects into evidence of a criminal case. You will be surprised. Enjoy!


Florida Man May 4, 2018 – Arrested for Puffing on a Compressed Duster Can

Pinellas County, Florida; Police arrested a Florida man for the second time after Walmart employees accused him of inhaling chemicals from a compressed duster can, police reported.

Largo Police stated that some witnesses saw a man in the parking lot of Walmart sitting in his car holding a metal can and inhaling it.

Identified as 23-year-old Jacob Fliss, police arrived on the scene and caught him in the act. 

His mouth was around the can nozzle to inhale the chemicals from the compressed computer duster can. Police arrested Fliss around 4:00 in the morning.

Officers reported that he went to Walmart solely to buy the can of compressed computer duster and could not wait to get home to huff it.

Fliss is facing charges of inhalation of harmful chemicals. This is the second time this year that police arrested him for the same charge. There must be an addiction.

Florida Man May 4, 2018 – Took His Anger Out on Car with Sugar and Frying Pan 

Cocoa, Florida; A Florida man took his anger out on a car by putting sugar in the gas tank and hitting it with a frying pan after he and his girlfriend argued, according to Cocoa Police.

The girlfriend reported to the police last Tuesday around 2:30 AM on 700 Block of Thomas Lane that her boyfriend, Alfred Lee Smith, 43, got upset, grabbed her, and took his anger out on the car.

The couple has been together for already ten years, and the argument was just a domestic dispute.

Smith grabbed his girlfriend by her arms and threw her into the wall but didn’t hurt her.

 Instead, Smith walked out to the car with sugar and poured it inside the gas tank. Then he took a frying pan and repeatedly smashed it on the car, breaking the windshields, front and rear, and driver’s window. Damage costs up to $1,500, reports stated.

Smith tried to escape from the scene, but police soon caught him. The officers arrested Smith and detained him in the Brevard County Jail. 

Smith is now facing charges of domestic battery and felony criminal mischief and several unrelated charges for bond exoneration/revocation on bond amounting to $10,500. 

Final Thoughts

May 5 has shown us just how resourceful Florida man can be. It takes a special kind of talent to get arrested for compressed air or a frying pan. 

Please make sure to check out some of my other posts on Florida man. If you want to know how Florida man spent your birthday, please leave the date in the comments below.

There will be more stories coming your way, and we will make sure you will be even more surprised.

By John Toroff
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