Some of the Best Fitness and Health Apps to Keep You on Track.

Every part of life has been streamlined to being easy and efficient, and all the knowledge in the world is at our fingertips. So here are few great apps that could help you get your health on track.

These days, there’s no excuse for being unhealthy. Every part of life has been streamlined to being easy and efficient, and all the knowledge in the world is at our fingertips. Many of us run our lives from our phones with the help of apps that do pretty much everything, so we’ve got the time, and we most definitely have the knowledge. The hard part is choosing which app to use since there are so many available now. However, there are basically two types of apps out there: ones that mainly track your fitness and physical activity and ones that track your overall health. Many apps will have the same features like calorie counting, tracking weight loss or sleep patterns, or monitoring your heart rate, but there are some that are more specialized and specific that could be exactly what you’re looking for. Here are few great apps that could help you get your health on track.


Strava App

The Strava app is a great choice for runners and cyclists. Using GPS on your phone, the user can track the routes they run or bike and keeps statistics on your overall performance. It also has amazing social network features and allows you to share and compare your stats with friends and even professional athletes. You can challenge friends to beat your record or accept challenges from others. It runs on a “freemium” model, meaning it’s free to download, but it also has a premium option that unlocks more features in the app for a small cost.

Calm App

For those looking for an overall health and well-being app, then Calm is perfect for you. This app focuses mainly on meditation and sleep and is by far the most popular option on the market. Aimed at reducing anxiety and stress, this app offers over 100 guided meditations and breathing exercises as well as soothing music to help you sleep from all your favorite artists. The app also tracks your mood and gives suggested material based on the stats to help boost your confidence. The catch, of course, is that this app comes at a price. After a 7-day free trial of the premium version, the user can enjoy this app for about $70 a year, which comes to just under $6 a month. Or, if you’re lucky, you can snag it at $40 for an annual membership when it’s on sale.

Clue App

The Clue app is so much more than an app to track your period; it actually manages to make it fun. The Berlin-based femtech company offers an app that gives you an accurate menstrual calendar, ovulation cycle, and even a pregnancy detector feature. The longer you use the app, the stronger the algorithm becomes at correctly predicting your period and PMS. Clue can also identify patterns in your cycle that could lead to the discovery of unknown conditions that contribute to painful or irregular cycles. It is great for people with PCOS or other health conditions as it can alert you of any signs of changes in your cycle that may require a visit to a doctor.

Freeletics App

Now for a more traditional and sweaty fitness app, we have the Freeletics app. This app focuses more on your physical activity by providing a variety of HIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) exercises that you can do anywhere anytime. It focuses on bodyweight workouts that are led by expert coaches that can help motivate you. The high-quality videos range from 5-30 minutes, so there’s no excuse for not having enough time. The app also runs on a freemium platform being free to download for the basic version and only $1.55 a week for the premium AI Coach feature. This gives you an AI personal trainer that puts together specific workouts based on your goals, fitness level, and progress.

By John Toroff

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