Organizing Your Recycling With Bins – What You Need to Know

Organizing Your Recycling With Bins - What You Need to Know

There are many ways to organize your recycling bins. But the most efficient way is to keep everything together in one place.

Organizing your bins properly can make recycling much more manageable and save time when taking your recyclables to the curb. But before you get started, you should know a few things.



Organizing your recycling with bins is an easy way to increase the recyclable waste you collect. You can set up containers outside the main door of your building, making it easier for anyone who walks by to drop in an empty soda can or plastic bottle without dropping it into a trash can.

Using a consistent color for your containers and labels will make identifying the items you can recycle easier. 

Research shows that making recycling bins more accessible increases the amount of recyclable waste collected. Finding the trunk is less time-consuming and more likely to prompt habitual behavior.


Consistent recycling labels throughout your facility are critical for promoting clarity and consistency in your program. It has been shown to help reduce contamination and leads to higher recycling rates, according to a letter from 17 legislators to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) urging the adoption of standardized labels.

Standardized labeling also helps keep people on the right track regarding recycling, composting, and trash bins. That’s why a non-profit organization called Recycle Across America is working to create a society-wide standardized recycling and trash bin labeling system.

This will save people time and money by ensuring they recycle the right things at the right places. And it will also help prevent contamination from leaking into the recycling stream. Currently, many types of recycling labels may differ in each state. This can cause a lot of confusion for consumers.


Bins that can be stacked are not only attractive, but they also make good use of available space. Using multiple containers on a single shelf, rack, or countertop saves space in your garage or mudroom and can significantly help the environment.

The proper stackable recycling bins will also be a big win for your wallet. A hefty discount can be found on these eco-friendly bins by searching for stackable recycling bins online or calling your local home improvement center.

Check your local regulations before purchasing if you’re in the market for a new garbage can. You may be surprised to learn that most municipalities require you to have a recycling bin in your house or garage. Identify every container you use and keep it out of children’s reach to lower your risk of receiving a fine.

Organizing your recycling with bins can be as simple or complex as you make it. Keeping it fun and easy for you and your family is the key. Finding a sturdy stackable bin and keeping it out of the way is the best.


To create an organized recycling system, it is important to consider storage. It can make a massive difference in how well the system works.

If your family recycles a lot of paper, cardboard boxes, or plastic bottles and cans, it is crucial to have a place to store them until you are ready to take them to the bin or the recycling center.

Stackable translucent plastic bins are an efficient way to collect recyclables without wasting much space. Some come with a stay-open door panel that makes loading and dumping easy.

Alternatively, you could buy bins with lids that keep out insects and reduce odors. These bins are made of durable plastic sizes 12-20 gallons (54.5-78 liters). Some can be stored on a shelf or rolled to the curb for pickup.

By John Toroff
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