Experts Tell About Emergency Notification System Apps

Experts Tell About Emergency Notification System Apps

Emergency notification system apps are essential to any company’s emergency preparedness plan. They allow employees to receive emergency alerts and notify co-workers about an impending disaster. Yet, only 7% of people download such apps. And of those that do download them, only 10% turn location services on. So you’re not reaching the entire audience even if your emergency notification app has excellent geo-location features.


Location-Based Alerts

A location-based emergency notification system app can send alerts based on a person’s location. This can be helpful if an incident is localized. When sending such an alert, the recipient must enable the location feature on the device. This type of emergency notification system app can use the location information from a mobile network base station to send messages.

Location-based alerts can be helpful in several situations, including in an office setting. For example, emergency notifications will be sent to nearby people if a fire or medical emergency is approaching a building or an apartment complex. The system allows you to add up to five addresses to customize your notifications. If you’d like to choose a specific location, you can use a map.

Multi-Channel Alerts

If you’re running an emergency notification system app, you need to be prepared for multiple communication channels and types of messages. Because emergencies happen frequently, people need redundant means of notification to take action. For example, Human Communication Research has found that people perceive emergencies faster when they receive multiple synchronous messages. You can ensure that your employees get the necessary alerts by offering various communication channels for employees.

Multi-channel alerts can be delivered to many employees, residents, and travelers. This allows administrators to choose the groups that need to be notified of emergencies. This helps reduce the potential for misinformation and maximize the chance of immediate response.

Coded Announcements

Emergency notification systems are valuable tools for businesses. While they can send general announcements, they also can be adapted to deliver emergency-related messages. For example, some emergency notification systems allow you to send emergency messages to employees’ cell phones, while others can relay emergency messages to employees’ desktop computers. Choosing the right emergency notification system is crucial to the smooth operation of your business during a disaster.

Coded announcements on emergency notification system apps send alerts over multiple channels, including text messages and voice messages. While text messages are a surefire way to deliver critical messages, emergency notification apps can send voice messages and even phone calls. So regardless of how your emergency notification system works, you should listen to these messages carefully.

Real-Time Map View of Employees’ Real-Time Locations

An interactive map view of employees’ real-time locations is an excellent feature of an emergency notification system. It allows managers to respond more effectively to a distress signal or a specific employee. For example, an employee who feels an earthquake can send a distress signal, and a robust system will pin it to a map. This allows managers to pinpoint the employee’s exact location, and other employees respond accordingly.

With the right emergency notification system app, businesses can easily communicate with employees from anywhere in the world. Regardless of industry, it is critical to have a clear, concise communications plan. The right solution will help you maximize ROI by combining business-critical tools and systems with real-time maps.

Need for Support

There are a few key factors to consider when choosing the best emergency notification system app for your business. First, the app should allow you to customize messages. This will make the system more accessible for you to use. Also, it should be able to send out notifications through various channels, including email and text messages.

In addition, you should look for customer support from the vendor. This should be available to you long after you purchase the app. It is also beneficial if the vendor assists the clock. You can always get in touch with them if you encounter roadblocks.

By John Toroff
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