Why MSPs Need Webroot Antivirus

Why MSPs Need Webroot Antivirus

Cybersecurity is a top concern for many businesses, and it’s not surprising that many MSPs feel they need to enhance their security stack.

However, traditional antivirus solutions don’t deliver a holistic solution to MSPs’ challenges. Instead, they’re a source of frustration for both customers and MSPs.



The cost-effectiveness of Webroot Antivirus makes it an attractive option for MSPs. The product is easy to install and offers fast scanning speeds, which makes it an excellent choice for companies that want to protect their customers without breaking the bank.

Despite its low price point, antivirus for MSP webroot offers an extensive set of features and protections that can be configured to suit any client’s security needs. For example, the product’s secure mobile web browsing identifies malicious websites and protects against phishing attacks.

It also has an Android antivirus that automatically scans, updates, and protects all applications. This way, users can access their work files and applications without interruptions.

Another feature of Webroot Antivirus is that it offers a low resource footprint, requiring less disk space on the host system and preventing computers from slowing down when running scans. This feature is handy for large businesses, as it allows them to save money on disk space and run scans more quickly.

Another advantage of Webroot Antivirus is its centralized console that can monitor and control all devices with the software installed. This enables organizations to monitor their entire network without straining resources.

Easy to Deploy

Webroot Antivirus is one of the most straightforward antivirus solutions to deploy. It works with remote monitoring and management (RMM) vendors, which means MSPs can push it to their customers through their RMM of choice, saving them an incredible amount of time and energy.

Webroot’s antivirus suite includes a variety of features, including heuristic analysis and cloud-based malware databases. This makes it possible to identify new threats faster and prevent them from spreading.

Another critical feature is Identity Protection, which protects sensitive information such as usernames and passwords from phishing and other malicious programs. It also blocks dubious browser add-ons, cookie and website data stealing, and unauthorized screen grabs.

Security for users is a significant focus for Webroot. It uses a combination of real-time protection, extra layers of anti-ransomware, and network and device monitors to protect against malware.

Webroot also offers a range of other security tools, such as a password manager and system optimizer. It’s not as comprehensive as some other products, but it does an excellent job of protecting user data and preventing malware from gaining root access to the system.

Faster Scan Time

Webroot Antivirus combines cloud-based scanning with an advanced threat library to protect from malware, spyware, identity theft, and other online threats. It protects your usernames, passwords, and additional personal information against attacks designed to look like legitimate websites, emails, or apps that steal your credentials or implant malicious code.

Unlike traditional antivirus software that stores virus definitions on your computer, Webroot maintains a massive signature database in the cloud. This enables it to scan computers in about 20 seconds, a vast improvement over the average scan time of tested competitor products.

This cloud-based approach also means that Webroot is always up to date and requires no system resources. It can also detect Zero-Day exploits that some other antivirus programs might miss.

Another great feature of Webroot is its sandbox tool. Many antivirus programs don’t offer this, so it’s a real asset for anyone who wants to test suspicious files or programs.

In addition, Webroot offers award-winning customer support and product assistance. Their customer support agents are knowledgeable and will answer your questions thoroughly. Their Colorado-based support team is available around the clock.

Robust Malware Protection

If you want robust malware protection, Webroot Antivirus is a great choice. It has a cloud-based malware database that allows it to perform scans with a minimal performance impact. It also uses heuristic analysis to identify threats.

In addition, Webroot Antivirus offers other security features that help protect your device from malicious software. These include behavior-based detection, which is more proactive than other malware protection techniques. It can also help you save your identity credentials.

Another feature that helps protect your computer is firewall protection. This feature will block incoming malware that travels through your internet connection. It also includes a vulnerability scan.

Finally, antivirus protection can help prevent phishing attacks. These attacks are becoming more and more common, and they can be very damaging to your business. This is especially important for small businesses.

You can do so with a free trial if you want to test the robust malware protection Webroot Antivirus offers. You can use the problem to assess whether this antivirus is suitable for your business. You can easily cancel your subscription if it’s not the right choice.


If you’re running a business and want to secure your systems, you need a scalable antivirus that can grow with you. With Webroot Antivirus, that’s easy to do.

Unlike traditional antivirus solutions, which are usually designed for on-premise deployments, Webroot Antivirus is cloud-based, allowing it to keep up with the latest threats in real-time. This helps ensure that your client’s data is safe from cybercriminals.

When you’re a managed service provider (MSP), offering your clients a solution built around their needs is essential. When you do this, you can increase revenue while also protecting their data.

The best way to do that is by providing security for your clients’ desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones, and other devices. You can do that by offering secure web browsing, encryption for all the sensitive information on your clients’ devices, and more.

You can also provide a secure network for your user’s Protection, which stops 88 percent of malware from getting to their networks and protects them from malicious websites not blocked by other firewalls. It’s simple to install and deploy, reducing the risk of cybercrime while saving you money on bandwidth and management costs.


Security is a top technology priority for MSPs, and many security vendors are eager to empower them with tools. One company stands out among the pack as a complete antivirus provider for MSPs: Webroot.

Webroot’s business antivirus and antimalware solutions offer a comprehensive approach to protecting businesses against today’s threats. It’s powered by machine learning and aims to stop attacks in real-time.

This cloud-based service is easy to set up and deploy. It’s also tiny in size and fast in operation, meaning that it doesn’t create much overhead on the systems where it’s installed.

The product also includes an automated detection system for malware, which uses heuristics and a malware directory to help prevent infections. In addition, the tool can be used to generate reports about your network’s protection.

The program integrates with several remote monitoring and management (RMM) platforms. This makes it easy for MSPs to push Webroot Antivirus to their clients’ systems through their RMM. This saves them time and helps them grow their revenue. In addition, the company provides a 70-day money-back guarantee. This is especially helpful for business owners who may be hesitant to spend money on a new security product.

Easy to Manage

MSPs need easy-to-manage security solutions that keep their clients safe and increase revenue. Historically, many MSPs have avoided offering endpoint antivirus security because of the high cost and high impact on client productivity.

Webroot SecureAnywhere(r) Business Endpoint Protection uses a behavior-based approach to endpoint security, which reduces the impact on system performance. It also eliminates the need for dedicated hardware and servers, allowing MSPs to minimize server hardware and maintenance costs and improve net MSP revenue.

Webroot offers a much faster installation process and scanning time as a cloud-based solution than other endpoint solutions. In addition, the Webroot management console is easy to use and provides multiple views of endpoints.

Additionally, the cloud-based console automatically updates the software on all devices to protect them against new threats. This streamlines management and allows MSPs to spend more time delivering a high-quality service to their customers.

Webroot Business Endpoint Protection also includes auto-remediation capabilities, which reduce the damage caused by malware infections. This significant time-saving feature saves MSPs money and frees their technicians to focus on more profitable services.

By John Toroff
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